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Whether you're starting your casino gaming journey or are a regular player, the phrase live dealer bonuses ought to ring a bell. More specifically, live dealer no deposit bonus is common in so many games and most players would yearn for it during gameplay. In simpler terms, this is a bonus you get without prior wagering. It may sound impossible at first, but keep reading to know how exactly free live dealer bonuses work and how you can win lots of cash and prizes with it.

No deposit bonuses for live dealers came as a strategy to attract potential customers into the online casino realm. Due to its main goals, this offer is available only to new clients, so if you haven't registered yet, this is the time to claim your free live dealer bonus!

Bonuses are one of the smartest tactics used to lure in new players. Almost anyone would fall for a free live bonus in exchange for a little personal information.

What You Need To Know About Free Live Dealer Bonuses free live dealer bonus(es)

There are plenty of misconceptions about casino bonuses and we have tried our best to explain some of the common concepts and terms commonly associated with it.

Match Percentage

This is the amount of money a casino puts in relation to your deposit. The figures can vary from 20% to 500% which translates to a $20 to $500 bonus cash for every $100 worth of deposit money.

Wagering Requirements

It is the number of times needed to playthrough a free dealer live bonus to make it withdrawable. It is usually phrased as the multiplier of the bonus like 40 times your bonus.

Minimum Deposit

Normally, a casino has minimum deposit requirements to qualify for the bonus program, except in no-deposit bonuses. The amount is usually negligible, anywhere between $5 and $25, but definitely something worth looking into.

Maximum Bet Per Spin/Hand

When playing with a bonus there's a limit to the number of bets you'll be able to make per spin/hand. That's because when you make fewer bets you stand a better chance of getting potentially ahead.

Maximum Cashout Limits

Some bonuses have limits to the amount of money you can withdraw. Though we don't recommend such bonuses, they are available in most casinos and would only be fair to a no deposit type of free live dealer bonuses.

Free Live Dealer Bonus Types

free live dealer bonus(es) free live dealer bonus(es)

There are three main kinds of live dealer bonuses offered in casinos. These are cash backs, no deposit, and deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses are the most common and require you to deposit a certain specified amount to get your bonus. The deposit is usually designed to match a certain percentage of the bonus.

Cash back offers entice you to play and will give you a refund in any case you end up losing a bet. Cash back offers can occur on the first deposit only, weekly/monthly/daily cash-back, or a cash-on top.

And lastly, as the name suggests, no deposit bonuses, require absolutely no cash to win and casinos will give you a small amount to wager on. Please note that this amount is subject to rules and regulations that can sometimes make it really not free. For instance, if you win from your free dealer live bonus, you might be required to wager it a certain amount of times for it to be withdrawable.

Before You Leave...

As there are rules and exclusions in any game, free live dealer bonuses also come with their set of terms and conditions, especially in the United States. It is best to check what these terms entail and how they influence every offer made on the casino site. A good casino will make its T&C clear and transparent. The trick part is you have to find and read them carefully.

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