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Red Dog Casino

Considered a baby in the online casino industry, Red Dog Casino is said to be taking the American online casino scene by storm. Established in 2019, Red Dog promises to bring a new style and approach to its online consumers. Due to its freshman status, many are still testing out Red Dog Casino and wondering if they have more to offer than just their no deposit welcome casino bonuses. So far they have accomplished a positive, unique reputation, causing the curiosity of veteran online casinos to rise. In this, in-depth review we look at everything from the layout of the website, if the bonuses are worth the hype, to what kind of slots Red Dog Casino uses.

Red Dog Casino Overview

From the first click into the online casino, you can already tell why it stands out from other online casinos already. With their mascot being a red, fluffy, fox looking, dog in a suit, players are instantly met with a friendly and inviting experience. Creating a theme of simplicity, Red Dog makes its website easy to navigate with a straightforward layout. With large letters and red accents to contrast the white background, it is easy to find the specific part of the casino you are interested in. In fact, as soon as the site opens, they are welcomed with the Red Dog and bold images of the no deposit casino bonus advertisement. The website's ease of use could be one of the reasons why it's popularity has grown so quickly.

Although popular amongst the people in the United States, the software that Red Dog Casino uses makes it available to players on a global scale. Ran by Real Time Gaming software players can enjoy the online casino and casino bonuses at any time because they can download it to any computer. This is a cool option for players who like to play on their computers at home or want to take the Red Dog Casino with them on their laptops. Real Time Gaming is considered one of the top web casino software companies so players can expect great service and a great experience during their time of play.

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Promotions for New Players

Like mentioned before, Red Dog Casino players or soon to be players are met with a bold advertisement for a no deposit welcome casino bonus. So what does this USA no deposit casino bonus casino consist of? With no deposit, what's the catch? Their welcome casino bonus offers a 225% bonus match upon your first deposit. The percentage of the casino bonus has opportunities to go even higher depending on what banking methods you choose to use. You must deposit a minimum of $30 to be eligible with a 35x bonus wagering requirement. The no deposit casino bonus comes in however only if you play the Cash Bandits 2 game at Red Dog. Those who take a chance at that game automatically receive 30 free spins with no deposit required. To some this may be a bit misleading because going into the casino you are thinking you'll receive a no deposit casino bonus with no stipulations but to others, it's just a free opportunity at one of the hundreds of games offered.

Other Bonuses and Ongoing Promotions

Due to the website still being fresh and growing by the days, there aren't as many casino bonuses and promotions offered at Red Dog Casino as there are at other veteran online casinos. However, there are two opportunities for a casino bonus that players have the opportunity to wager every day. Although they don't offer the no deposit requirement that the welcome bonus offers, players still seek to win each casino bonus every day. The most popular casino bonus Red Dog Casino has is the Super Dog 24/7 casino bonus. This bonus consists of a few different casino bonuses offered in one deal. Players can participate each day by making a series of cash deposits into different matching casino bonus opportunities throughout the day. Players can deposit either $30, $75, and $150 and Red Dog Casino will provide a bonus of 120%, 130%, and 165% bonuses. If there is no deposit seen in your account during the times that they start issuing the bonus you simply miss out. Just like with the welcome bonus you could win an even higher bonus depending on what banking system you use.

The other casino bonus that Red Dog Casino offers is simply a monthly bonus or the Game of the Month. As seen in almost any other web casino, this casino bonus depends on which slot or table game is being featured for the month. These games offer players the opportunity to win a casino bonus either consisting of free spins or extra cash. The amount of free spins and cash for the casino bonus varies each month. Again, Red Dog Casino is still a relatively new casino so hopefully, players will have more of a variety of options of casino bonuses and no deposit casino bonus opportunities in the future.

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Slots and Games

Just like the rest of the website, Red Dog Casino makes it easy for players to view their preview of slot machine options already from the front page. Located right above those options, the slot machine button for even more options is conveniently in plain sight ready to click. They are all also arranged in different categories so you can get straight to the theme of your preference. Ran under Real Time Gaming there are currently 170 slot games you can choose from, including the game Cash Bandits 2 where you receive a no deposit casino bonus. The website doesn't specify, however, if you can use your no deposit 30 free spins bonus on slots outside of the Cash Bandits 2 game or not. Hopefully, in the near future, they will add other slot machines that provide the opportunity of no deposit bonuses or maybe some exclusive clubs where no deposit bonuses can be received. Some of the most popular slot games so far at the Red Dog Casino are Alladin Wishes, Bubble Bubble, Coyote Cash, and Starburst to name a few. They also have 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots available. No matter which slots you choose the jackpots are large enough to make you forget about not having a no deposit bonus.

The graphics and striking animations of the slots from Real Time Gaming at Red Dog Casino are so appealing that players could almost forget to make time for all of the casino games they have to offer. If you want to play table games Red Dog Casino only has 22 games currently. The most popular of the table games are blackjack and baccarat. Other typical table games are offered as well like Craps, Roulette, and Poker and players can enjoy them with any no deposit casino bonus that they receive. Live games are also offered at the casino. Live dealer games are popular amongst the players who have downloaded the casino onto their computers. With their high-quality software players can enjoy chatting and participating in games with other players and the live dealer.

Play Mobile Casino

Red Dog Casino is on the right track with their website and allowing its players to download on the computer, however, the casino brand has not yet created a mobile app. To some, this may be a downfall but players can still play on their phone through their web browser. They should still be able to enjoy the casino through all of the major browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Explorer. Those who play on the phone are still eligible for the no deposit casino bonus, and the other casino bonuses. They can also still enjoy live dealer games and all of the other websites features just the same as well.


Whether you are cashing out from your no deposit free spins or any other casino bonus you have earned Red Dragon Casino gives enough options for you to choose from when it comes to banking. One of the most unique things about Red Dog Casino's banking services is that they give you the option to use Bitcoin for money or NeoSurf and Instant Gift Cards, something not typically found in online casinos. The best thing players can look forward to when depositing with Red Dog Casino is that there are no fees. You can deposit or withdraw from the casino without any added expenses.

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Red Dog Casino Customer Service

For anyone who wants to try any games before they play or might not have any money for the day, Red Dog Casino lets players play in a practice mode. In this mode, you can play with no deposit because it is completely free. The casino offers round the clock customer service in which customers can reach someone with any issue. If you can't get through with one method there are multiple other methods to get in contact with customer service. They offer phone, email, and live chat.


Overall, the Red Dragon is a promising new casino that appears to be well on its way to future success. They offer a great experience through a simplistic eye-catching web layout. Not only does the display seem to attract new players, so does their 225% welcome bonus that includes a no deposit casino bonus. Another unique incentive about the Red Dog Casino is the extra banking options of Bitcoin and Neosurf. If you want to use the winnings from your no deposit spins in Bitcoin this casino gives you that option. Also, if you want to test out a game or want to play for fun with no deposit, Red Dog Casino gives you the option to play in the practice mode. The only downfalls seen so far is that the no deposit casino bonus isn't clear and can be misleading. Also, they only cater to players who speak English, so if you are a player from another country and you would like to play English is required. There are no specifics if you can use the free spins from the no deposit casino bonus on any other slots. Other than those minor quirks the casino looks to have a promising future.

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